EcoMotion 2020 About

For the past eight years, EcoMotion’s Main Event has brought together the world’s leading companies in the Smart Mobility sector. The Main Event has become a global event for innovation in transportation, where high-level business is conducted in a grounded atmosphere, and where industry leaders, C-level executives, startups, and policymakers meet to explore new synergies.


We are anticipating 4,000 - 5,000 participants, 150 startups exhibitions (including 10 international startups), leading industry players, 3 main stages, a workshop hall, a B2B hall, a demo field, and many more interactive opportunities.


As we have grown, our main event has expanded into an entire EcoMotion Week (17-21 of May) to better provide our community with more opportunities to network and interact.

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EcoMotion is a non-profit joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute, the Smart Mobility Initiative (Prime Minister's Office), the Ministry of Economy, and the Israeli Automotive & High-tech industries. We are a dynamic and growing community in the Smart Mobility Sector, comprised of over 600 startups and 10,000 community members. Understanding that startups do not grow in a void, we bring together entrepreneurs, academics, government officials, local & global automotive industry representatives, investors, and much more; providing a support platform for knowledge-sharing, networking, and collaboration.


Our mission is to support the growth of the Israeli Smart Mobility sector, and enhance the implementation of innovation in our field, while simultaneously, positioning Israel as a global innovation center for Smart Mobility. 

The Venue

Pavilion 1, Expo Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel


The 8th EcoMotion Main Event will be held at Pavilion 1, EXPO Tel Aviv, on May 19th, 2020. This renowned venue is known for hosting large scale events, most notably, the recent Eurovision Song Contest.

EcoMotion Week

May 17-21, 2020

EXPO TLV, Israel

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