EcoMotion 2020


May 19, 2020


Pavilion 1, Expo Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel 

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Tipping Point Workshops

Looking for thought leaders to push smart mobility towards the tipping point. Come take a seat at the table!


On-demand mobility, ridesharing, and electric vehicles are becoming common in most developed cities, autonomous shuttles are being tested and municipalities are beginning to grasp the potential of Smart Mobility to improve their citizens' lives. 

Each Workshop session topic will be broken down to  sub-topics (round tables) where relevant experts will think tank in order to come up with innovative solutions to our industry's pressing challenges. 

10:30-11:45am, Tuesday 11th June

12:00-1:15pm, Tuesday 11th June

1:45-3:00pm, Tuesday 11th June

3:15-4:30pm, Tuesday 11th June