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Omer Keilaf

Co-Founder & CEO, Innoviz Technologies

Omer Keilaf

Omer Keilaf has spent 21 years driving cutting edge technologies from inception to commercialization. As the co-founder and CEO of Innoviz Technologies, a leading provider of LiDAR sensing solutions, Mr. Keilaf is helping enable the mass commercialization of autonomous vehicles by providing high-performance LiDAR at mass market prices. He has overseen the company’s tremendous success as it overtook older, more established LiDAR developers to earn a design win with BMW, marking the industry’s first major design win for series production of autonomous vehicles.

The company has also secured partnerships with Tier 1 solution providers including Aptiv, Magna International, Samsung HARMAN and HiRain Technologies. Mr. Keilaf spearheaded the company’s rapid growth as it raised $252 million and expanded to over 270 employees in a little over three years. For his efforts, Mr. Keilaf was named CEO of the Year by the 2018 Image Sensors Europe Awards, while Innoviz itself has been named a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, Automobility LA Top Three Startup, and CES Innovation Award winner, among other awards.

Prior to co-founding Innoviz, Omer served as an officer in an elite technological unit of the Intelligence Corps of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), before going on to a distinguished career in opto-mechanics, electrical engineering, MEMS and more. He held senior leadership roles at companies including Consumer Physics, STMicroelectronics and IDF, where he served as the System and Product Team Manager, R&D manager, and Project Manager and System Architecture Manager, respectively. He holds a BSc and MSc in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, all from Tel Aviv University, where he has also served as a lecturer.

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