Jillian Goldberg

VP Marketing & Investor Relations, GuardKnox Cyber Technologies Ltd.

Jillian is the Vice President of Marketing and Investor Relations at GuardKnox Cyber Technologies, a globally leading Automotive Cybertech Tier. Jillian is a pivotal player for GuardKnox and leads global partnerships, marketing, investor relations, and all other aspects of corporate development. GuardKnox is at the cutting edge of innovation in the automotive industry as it leverages its deep-roots in defense aviation from the Israeli AirForce and brings this technological approach to the automotive industry providing secure, service-oriented, and high-performance computing solutions.

Jillian was born and raised in the USA but currently resides in Tel Aviv, Israel, as a dual citizen of both countries. She is a proud alumnus of Teach for America, a division of Ameri-Corps, where she taught in Dallas, Texas and continues to mentor students, an Israeli national gold medal competitive athlete, competitor on Ninja Warrior Israel, and passionate volunteer at various organizations. She holds a BA from Tulane University and an MPH-Emergency and Disaster Management from Tel Aviv University.


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