Eviatar Tron

Executive Director, EcoMotion

Eviatar Tron is a seasoned integration engineer and a manager. Eviatar worked in General Motors for 8 years, managing an integration team for AV and EVs, and throughout his career has led multiple complex engineering projects in the domains of IT, wind power, manufacturing and automotive (autonomous). Eviatar was the CEO of startup in energy efficiency, and was involved in founding startups in agriculture, manufacturing, mini-grids and wind energy. Eviatar also acted as technical and economical consultant to investors doing due diligence on startups. Apart from his M.Sc. in engineering, Eviatar also holds a diploma in Industrial Entrepreneurship from Lahav Executive Education of Coller School of Management, Tel-Aviv University and Iscar Lavon industrial college.



EcoMotion Week

May 18-20, 2021

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