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Anne Baer

CEO, iKare Innovation

Anne Baer

Anne Baer is an expert in Innovation strategies, Technological partnerships, France-Israel relations, and Sustainability.

Anne is the founder and CEO of IKare Innovation, a Tel-Aviv-based consulting firm providing services of technological scouting and business intelligence, acting as a gateway into the Israeli “Innovation Ecosystem”. iKare Innovation represents French global corporates such as Valeo and Engie for their open innovation and investments in Israel.

Her first exposure to sustainability challenges dates back to 1989-91 when working for the Israeli Foreign Ministry in Kinshasa, (Zaire, RDC).
She was appointed right after the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio as a sustainability expert in the Population and Quality of Life UN Commission, and worked for the United Nations from 1992-2000.

She served as Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer for Prodware from 2009-2014 and managed its Green IT offering.
From 2014-2016, she was seconded by the French Foreign Ministry to the Israeli ecosystem as Innovation Advisor. She connected hundreds of companies and facilitated forty-eight R&D projects whom were jointly submitted by 90 French and Israeli companies.

Anne still acts as the Chairman of the Israeli section of the French Foreign Trade Advisors on a pro-bono basis.

Anne graduated in Political Sciences, International Cooperation, and Development studies from the Hebrew University and the Sorbonne.

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