8th Main Event in the EcoMotion Week


May 19, 2020


Pavilion 1, Expo Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel 

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SBB & EcoMotion are proud to partner to profoundly impact the Swiss Mobility Ecosystem by identifying Israeli technologies.

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December 10th | 8:30-11:00 | Cassis, TLV

What is an Adaptathon?

An "advanced hackathon" which instead of a marathon of hacking up new ideas, only startups with a product of at least prototype maturity level (TRL 4 and up) are selected for adapting their existing product to the needs of a big mobility organization,

in this case – SBB.


The Adaptathon Challenges


Park & Ride - Smart Parking​

Integration with current SBB mobility platforms to connect mobility service providers, customers, car park owners and others in the ‘park and ride’ subsector for a seamless multimodal journey.


Localization of Trains & Rolling Stock

A real-time overview of the precise whereabouts of all SBB's parked rolling stock. Knowing the availability of parking down to the meter will help SBB to optimize parking space and to practically position stock for future use. A bonus feature of the solution will safely guide personnel along-track paths to rolling stock.


Passengers Localization

Localization technology to find out the exact position of SBB's customers smartphone devices and, most importantly, the viewing direction they are facing, inside & outside the stations.


Self-Drive-Upgrades for Conventional Vehicles 

Classical fixed-line public transport offers a perfect opportunity for automation: fixed routes and schedules predictable obstacles. SBB is looking for solutions to enable autonomous driving or at least assisted driving on already existing vehicles.


Reuse of Collateral Data from Self-Driving Vehicles

The different sensor-sets of autonomous vehicles are collecting a lot of data, which is not necessarily used for autonomous driving and is therefore dumped. SBB is looking for solutions to repurpose collateral data and developing an economic innovation for it.


Energy Storage & Distribution

Today Swiss trains & light rails are close to fully electrified. With the electrification of mobility, the demand for electricity will increase. Thus, SBB will become the single largest owner of energy storage units (e.g. batteries) in Switzerland. A connection of all Energy storage Units in the SBB Network will enable us to quantify its energy, share energy and prioritize operations.


Construction-Site (train) vehicle of the future​

Today, SBB's construction site fleet (120 locomotives) runs on Diesel. This challenge seeks a new generation of construction site trains that operate without fossil fuels. The solution will operate under all weather conditions and with limited connections to electrical lines.


Virtual Learning Environment Transformation 

Create a virtual learning environment replicating a Point of Sales (PoS) scenario to train and develop employees in preparation for SBB’s new practices. Moving from the traditional method in front of a computer to ‘Walk-in’ areas for pro-active customer engagement and ‘quiet zones’ for more personal customer consultations.


PoCs Pitching Final at the 8th EcoMotion Main Event in front of SBB's Senior Management

The Adaptathon Timeline