EcoMotion in the Media 2020


  • EcoMotion 2020
    Opening Words

  • Fireside Chat Prof. Amnon Shashua interviewed by Aviv Frenkel

  • Panel:
    AV Hype or Hope?

  • iRoads Innovation Center Launch & Winners of Challenge

  • Panel: Breaking Through Mobility Innovation

  • Fireside Chat with William Li interviewed by Maya Ben Dror

  • Panel: Connected Services for Electric Transformation

  • Creating the Future of Mobility is a Team Game - The Alliance Innovation Lab TLV

  • Fireside Chat with Hakan Samuelsson interviewed by Meir Arnon

  • Panel:
    COVID Industry Transformation

  • Fireside Chat with Nikolai Ardey interviewed by Jason Stein

  • Fireside Chat with Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann interviewed by Dr. Anat Bonshtein

  • Panel: Mobility in Cities the Day After COVID

  • Business Creation meets Urban Mobility Challenges - Startup Opportunities

  • Fireside Chat with Daniel Ramot interviewed by Adam Jonas

  • Panel: Mobility Investments & Acquisitions in 2020

  • Fireside Chat Aicha Evans interviewed by Scott Corwin

  • Panel:
    The Untapped Market of Trucks

  • The Israeli Center for Smart Transportation Research


EcoMotion Week

May 18-20, 2021

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