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EcoMotion Greetings


Moran Buganim-Gold

Director of Newtech & Ecosystem,

Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry

"More and more global auto manufacturers and tech giants are looking at Israel while creating the next generation of smart vehicles. We welcome all of them and invite them to explore different possibilities and collaborations the state of Israel has to offer. We, at the Ministry of Economy support the Israeli industry, entrepreneurs and businesses leaders, in their attempts to cope with global trends which will change the way we live, by creating more efficient transportation systems, smarter vehicles and smarter cities."

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Daniella Gera Margaliot

Deputy Director General, Innovation and Smart Mobility, Ministry of Transport and Road Safety

With Over 650 Startups in the field, 35 international R&D centers, leading academic research institutions, and more than 25Billion dollars raised by Israeli Smart Mobility companies over the past decade (more than 10% of Smart Mobility Investments worldwide), Israel is a world leader in the field of smart mobility.

We at the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, lead the governmental efforts to promote the development and the implementation of smart mobility solutions in Israel. It is our goal to support the ecosystem with adaptive regulation and tools, such as legislation for driverless autonomous vehicles, the promotion of smart mobility pilots and testing, a dedicated research center (ISTRC), and of course: Ecomotion – our smart mobility community.

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