About EcoMotion 2021

At EcoMotion we dedicate ourselves to promoting the smart mobility industry through unifying stakeholders and implementing innovation in the field. While humanity faces unprecedented challenges, we feel it is our role to seek new technologies, platforms, and opportunities in order to expand the horizons. Simultaneously, maintaining global health ministries safety requirements. 


We have explored the virtual space in the past year and now certain we can bring it to the next level, bringing humans together using a virtual platform.

We will create opportunities to connect and learn about the partners, the exhibitors, the startups and more, before, during and after

EcoMotion Week 2021, May 18-20.


EcoMotion Week 2021 is about bringing humans together online so dress up and See You There!


The event will take place during 3 days to match today's busy schedule - the first day will be dedicated to learning about the partners and Global Challeneges & Opportunities for startups while simultaniously giving you a glimpse into the Startup Exhibition on the Startup Innovation Stage.

The second day will host live exhibitions in the virtual platform, world reknown speakers and a community happy hour.

The third day will host exclusive workshops giving an intimate networking opportunity for professionals on the platform.


In the month prior to EcoMotion Week 2021 the Innovation Marketplace will be launched, giving an opportunity to all community members to offer their solutions to the partners leading to meetings at EcoMotion Week 2021.


On the EcoMotion Week 2021 Virtual Event Platform, you will get the chance to chat & meet with the world's leading companies in the smart mobility sector, listen to talks of experts in the field, watch live demos, explore new global markets and a virtual startup exhibition which allows direct contact, live interaction and all information needed on their technology!

We hope to see better days and meanwhile to create a bit of magic together!


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EcoMotion is a non-profit joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute, the Smart Mobility Initiative (Prime Minister's Office), the Ministry of Economy, and the Israeli Automotive & High-tech industries. We are a dynamic and growing community in the Smart Mobility Sector, comprised of over 600 startups and 13,000 community members. Understanding that startups do not grow in a void, we bring together entrepreneurs, academics, government officials, local & global automotive industry representatives, investors, and much more; providing a support platform for knowledge-sharing, networking, and collaboration.


Our mission is to support the growth of the Israeli Smart Mobility sector, and enhance the implementation of innovation in our field, while simultaneously, positioning Israel as a global innovation center for Smart Mobility. 

The Venue

Since we cannot host everyone globally we created a virtual platform to host everyone virtually.

For reporters and mobility leaders in Israel we will host a  physical meeting point at the Tel Aviv Port where you will be able to explore live demos and clink beers 🍻