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EcoMotion Week brings together the world’s leading companies pioneering in the Smart Mobility field. With hundreds of Startups, Investors, Industry Leaders, Policy Makers and more attending virtually & exhibiting live in the platform.


The event will use the virtual space to bring humans together and facilitate many different opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking and countless interactions on the frontier of innovative technologies in smart mobility.


Our Partners

EcoMotion 2021 has teamed up with leading global companies in smart mobility to provide YOU with the latest insights into innovative technologies!

EcoMotion 2021 Hybrid Event 




Virtual Startup 

Exhibition 2021

The EcoMotion 2021 Startups Exhibition will host startups in the field of Smart Mobility from all over the world!


Virtual Community 

Exhibition 2021

Are you an Accelerator? Innovation enabler? Industry? Academy? Investor? Government / Municipality?

Global Smart Mobility Map

For the first time EcoMotion will host 2 exhibitions - one for startups divided into the 5 sectors and the other for community organizations like Industry, Investors, Gov&Municipalities, Academy and Innovation Enablers. All exhibitor will combine into a map which will be distributed globally and create the Global Smart Mobility Map of active players in the field

EcoMotion Week

May 18-20, 2021

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